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KOHLER ARCHITECTS INC. establishes a close working relationship with every client, beginning with developing a clear mutual understanding of the requirements, goals, and objectives for the project. The success of our design philosophy is that we provide designs that truly reflect the goals and vision of each client. This is based on a great deal of input from the client throughout the entire design process.

Another key to our success is our unique knowledge and understanding of the applicable public approval processes. As a long time member and three time chair of Palo Alto’s Historic Resources Board, Roger Kohler has a special insight to the public process. Accordingly, we are able to efficiently, expeditiously, and usually very successfully deal with issues like design review, setbacks, variances, and other requirements and hurdles. This experience is also invaluable when projects require community/neighbor input and support.

We work very closely and cooperatively with other professionals – general contractors and subcontractors, landscape architects, interior designers, structural engineers, soils engineers, and others – who are brought in and/or required for the project. And, we listen to them as carefully as we do to the client. One result of this approach is that we have a reputation for designing structures that can be built as drawn.

We follow the project through to completion ... which includes construction observation and resolving any late-in-the-process details.

Our goal: a satisfied client who walks through the door of the completed structure smiling and satisfied that, together, we have achieved all of their needs and wishes for their home or other building.